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In Entroncometais – Recolha de Sucatas, Lda., environment is understood as an integral part of our business project, whether regarding  the development of our recycling processes or in the management of the relationships with those around us, the waste producers, our employees and, in particular, our customers, to whom we address our final product.

Our business project follows the following guidelines:

Proximity to Waste Producers -Investing in the approach between consumers, producers of waste and authorized recycling channels, to ensure the correct routing of all waste handled.
Customer satisfaction - Ensuring maximum efficiency in the waste treatment through a solid organizational structure,in order to provide greater adjustment to the needs and expectations of each customer.

Environment Protection - Actively encouraging all our employees to the responsibilityof continuous improvement of all processes of waste treatment, always keeping in mind environment protection.

Quality and Environment Policy, Access link:

Sustainability - Ensuring environmental, economical and financial sustainability of the business, respecting the legal requirements within the business of waste management and hygiene, health and safety of our employees.